Ai Hasegawa

The Extreme Environment Love Hotel, Jupiter Room

The Jupiter Room is a huge centrifugal mechanism constructed inside of a Love Hotel, a place for couples to share intimate moments in fantasy settings.
Jupiter's gravity is 2.34 times heavier than that of earth. This gravity is extreme for human beings but we may very well still be able to live and reproduce. Experiments with mice have shown that they are able to reproduce up to 2.5G. Over 3G the risk of mortality is increased for any conceived mice litter.

How do the effects of this new environment alter our perceptions of love and intimacy and the way couples relate emotionally in such a situation? And what might it mean for our evolution to entertain ourselves and potentially conceive new life in these extreme conditions?

The Extreme Environments Love Hotel is run by a research group who are studying human evolution in extreme environments. Government-funded research in space exploration for the purposes of human colonisation has dried up so the research group need to find a new funding source as well as testbeds for their work. Extreme Environment Love Hotel users are able to choose a discount service which entails cooperation with the researchers as case studies.

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