Ai Hasegawa

I Wanna Deliver a Shark...

This project approaches the problem of human reproduction in an age of over-population and environmental crisis. With potential food shortages and a population of nearly nine billion people, would a new mother consider incubating and giving birth to an endangered species such as a shark, tuna or dolphin? This project introduces a new argument for giving birth to our food to satisfy our demands for nutrition and childbirth and discusses some of the technical details of how that might be possible.

We are genetically predisposed to raise children as a way of passing on our genes to the next generation but we live in an age where the struggle to raise a child in decent conditions is becoming harder with gross over-population and difficult environmental conditions.

We must also eat, and we are equally facing growing food shortages as a result of over-fishing, land use and a growing population. By giving birth to an edible animal it might place more value on that endangered species and help prevent it’s extinction. But, would raising this animal as a child change it’s value so drastically that we would be unable to consume it because it would be imbued with the love of


I chose the spiny dogfish "Squalus acanthias", one of the sharks classified vulnerable, (IUCN 3.1 Red List of threatened species) because of consumption by humans.  Also, because of  the possibility of utilizing existing technology. The technology which is medication for the mother's body to be able to accept the fish in her womb and stress sharing system to bonding the embryo with the mother. The medicine in the skin patch which contains chemicals to stop menstruation and suppress abnormal contraction of uterus is usually used to treat threat of abortion or threat of premature birth.  Also an external artificial uterus system able to use mother's body fluid which is urine for the shark embryo intubated into her womb.

The bonding system works by sharing the mother's stress with the shark embryo. When the mother feels stress, a device measures a galvanic skin response and heart pulse rate, translated as a "stress signal", that triggers the low voltage electrical signal that mimics the emergence of a predator in the sea for the shark embryo. Giving such stress works as a training device for when they are returned to the sea after delivery.

Credit: Special thanks, Dr Mark H Sullivan, Imperial College London.

Embryologist, Anastasia Mania.

‘Hi, Ms Sakanada? How may I help you?’ I flash a warm smile to her, like every doctors do. A new patient sit front of me seems fine, quite healthy, but little bit nervous. Her age is about 35 according to a clinical record.
‘I.. I’d like to pregnant a tuna. I’d like to deliver a tuna...’ She added an awkwardly smile. ‘Tuna…? You mean the fish one?’ I shouldn’t laugh. I moved my facial muscles carefully.

‘Yes, the one in the tin and sushi bar.’ She seems not crazy. Her facial expression saying that ‘I know I am talking strange things… but I’m pretty serious.’

‘I’ve heard this hospital has made human female delivered a rat baby.’

‘Yes. That’s indeed… but it was happend as a byproduct of other research. That wasn’t our main purpose’

‘I need to cure of my wasted and neglected motherly instinct and a womb… These are keep whispering me “have a baby… must have a baby… use me…use me” But I don’t want to make my own baby bring to such a horrible world..and I’m not suitable person in this world, so my baby cannot survive well’ she almost screamed.’
‘Well, I can understand that point, we are the generation that “Think deeply before you make baby.” ‘

‘Yes, also I feel that are we in the dead end of evolution? Some life form doubt about making your baby… that is not normal…’

‘I agree about that.But why Tuna? why not rats? Rats would be much easeir.'
We’ve been killing lots of animal, and many species are going to extincted. Tuna is one of them. but we human are spread and cover whole earth like cancer.’

‘I see… ok, how about dolphin or shark? well, my recommendation is shark. Because shark is ovoviviparous, between oviparity and viviparity. They don’t have umbilical cord, that use egg york to grow and after that eat other eggs. Also they are warm. Basically expand your womb by hormone pill and expander to make little space, and put a shark egg and adding amnion liquid and extra food for posthatch growth’
‘I see… er… how about dolphins?’

‘Actually dolphin does pregnant and the body temperature is about 35 to 37degrees C. That is makes less risks for the dolphin baby.’ ‘Ok, let me think a while, which one I’d like to pregnant.’

‘That is fine! I will research bit more until next time you will come.’ I smiled but some how I’m feeling bit tired. After she left I need have a short nap.

I had a dream in such a short nap about 15 minutes. I was standing next the beautiful stream. I was waiting for my baby to come back from sea. So my baby is a salmon. Some how that was such a good feeling. I was quiet happy in there…
I wake up and have a bit yawn. My one of instinct ask me to check the clock. 12:46PM. Lunch time.’What shall I eat?’


The Extreme Environment Love Hotel, Carboniferous Room
Shared baby
The Extreme Environment Love Hotel, Jupiter Room