Brendan Walker
Senior Tutor (2005-8)

Airphoria: Terminal 1

"I aim to take visitors on a choreographed journey of emotion and experience: from apprehension, generated by stories told on the tube to Theydon Bois; bewilderment, at the spectacle of the incident facing them on Theydon Plain; exhilaration, from their aerial flight into Epping Forest; to wonderment, at the menagerie of creations that await in Genesis Slade".
In Terminal 1, Brendan presents two large-scale prints, 19401118T0336 and 19991222T1838, which represent particular moments of thrill - part fact, part fantasy - the inspiration for Airphoria. He introduces a series of collage proposals for the installation, alongside a pallet of found materials including fauna and flora indigenous to Epping Forest, aircraft parts, and fabrics.

Project Details

Chromo11: Engineering the Thrill
Fairground: Thrill Laboratory