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Etiquette in Films: You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail by Nora Ephron

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Bow Selector

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Etiquette in Films: Okuribito

Okuribito by Yôjirô Takita

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Questions to inspire the Execution

- How will you make your project tangible? it is a service, a product,
a film, a data, a visual…
- Will your project have a longer scope, what are the next steps?
- How will you craft it? Will you prototype it, demo it, illustrate it, draw a diagram…
- How could you make use of your current skills and sensitivity to
craft this project? What kind of help you expect to need?
- How will you present it? How will you stage it?
- What do you want from your audience to take away from your project?

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Questions to inspire the Story

- How does your story starts?
- What is the bigger picture of your project (context)? What is the
small story you want to tell us (experience)?
- Is your story believable, plausible, engaging, disturbing, critical,
fictional, drama…?
- What are the etiquette/manners/values… that your story is questioning?
- What are the dilemmas of your project? Are these dilemmas relate to
an etiquette, a value, a manner…?
- What are the different roles one could play in your
projects’ dilemma?
- How do you build up your dilemma in your story?
- How do you inspire and engage your audience with your story and your
- How does your story ends?

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Questions to inspire the Research

- What is an etiquette?
- What is a manner?
- What is tact?
- what is courtesy?
- What is a value?
- What is a behaviours?
- What is a code of conduct?
- What is a law?
- What are the differences between all of them?
- How do new technology relate to them? Are they important for
discovering and designing new technologies?
- What is the etiquette, manner, value… that your project aims to investigate?
- How will you challenge the existing etiquette?
- What are the technologies that will generate more interaction
conflicts in values and etiquette?
- What is the new social and cultural context for these new technologies?
- What are the social and cultural consequences of this changes in
values, etiquette…?

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Etiquette, Objects & the Office

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Etiquette in Films: El ángel exterminador

El ángel exterminador by Luis Buñuel

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Movie= etiquette in multinational companies “EL METODO”



After an introduction showing the AZCA area of Madrid during a meeting of the IMF and the World Bank with accompanying anti-globalization protests, the entire film happens within a corporate building, mostly in a closed conference room. The story tells of seven people that have been selected among several applicants for one final round to determine who will get an enviable, executive position for a mysterious corporation, Dekia.

The seven applicants are submitted to a series of psychological tests - known as the “Grönholm Method” - that start eliminating the applicants one by one. It is warned at the beginning that one of the seven people is an employee of the corporation posing as an applicant to evaluate the others. As the applicants are discarded, the race for the position becomes more tense and sinister. The tests reveal the weakness of each of the characters and their attitudes to company work. In the end the “mole” will be revealed and only one of them will get the desired position.


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