Tribal Futures

Social theorists predict that traditional units of society such as
the family are becoming less dominant, and instead - elective, tribal groupings are on the rise.

The Tribal Futures project undertaken by Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art over a 4 week period, and in collaboration with Vodafone, enquires into the changes technology will make to our behaviour in groups - both mundane and extreme. It proposes design interventions to support, subvert and celebrate our tribal connections.

Royal College of Art


Web 2.1 is built upon the current communication frameworks available online such as Facebook and twitter. With Web 2.1 virtual identities,”e-dentities”, become linked to our physical bodies. In a physical environment we are responsible for our bodies' actions; we care for our bodies and can relate to other people's bodily needs. Connecting our bodies to our “e-dentities” provides a new foundation to understand our virtual and physical self. As communities continue to migrate into virtual spaces we need reminders that we exist, we are human.

  •  Advanced sensing technologies allow Web 2.1 Underwear to monitor your body’s happenings. When a sensor is activated it posts your activity to the various web services you take part in.
  •  Web 2.1 Underwear answers the age old question. Who farted?
  •  What are you doing right now? Telling the truth is the first step in becoming responsible for your “e-dentity.”
  •  Web 2.1 Underwear uses the latest in Bluetooth technology to keep your “e-dentity” up-to-date. On the go? Make sure your underwear is paired with your mobile telephone to keep you connected.

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