Kathryn Fleming
First Year


As more and more of the planet becomes dominated by humans, some adaptive wildlife have been pressured to migrate into urban areas. This new ‘Urban Wildlife’ must adapt to city living, just as humans must find ways to adjust to their new co-inhabitants. In London it is estimated that more than 10,000 red foxes now live within the city limits.
ZGT (Zeitgeist Tracker), a leading trend-forecasting agency, reports on Fixed Gear Fox Hunting as an emerging sport in London with high commercial potential. Like many urban underground scenes, the appeal of FGFH to the youthful consumer has to do with its controversial legal status and resulting discrete membership policies. However, it also appeals to youth with an increased awareness of Ecology and interest in bike culture and nature. In order to give sports companies insight on market opportunities, ZGT has outlined the relevant trends leading up to the emergence of FGFH as well as presenting a comprehensive consumer profile for participants.  

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