Lingxizhu Meng
Second Year

Alcoholic Communication Machine

This project is based my thinking about what technology is. Its hard to tell, because technology is in almost everything. Some may say technology is the ability to make stuff – ipod, car, computer ext. But from my point of view, I think that a key role of technology is to increase human ability. We can not fly, that’s why we need planes. We can not use sonar to communicate long distance. Like some animals, that’s why we invented the telephone.I try to incorporate this kind of desire into my design. Animals can communicate through chemical secretions. How then can we utilize that kind of ability?


The Alcoholic Communication Machine is a machine that helps people communicate through wine, like an automatic cocktail maker. It can mix wine by the signal that is not from your brain when you meet someone. Everyone will have his or her own flavor according to the impression made by the other person. The machine is designed to be worn like a backpack. There is a teaser attach to the machine and can be put on the user’s finger. User can use this teaser feed each other. There is a little detail. The glass bottle on the bottom of the machine which vibrate for wine mixing will shake more drastic if you are very like someone or hate someone.


Bio-robot 'spring teller'