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We Play Bodies / Behaviouristic Instruments

We Play Bodies: Behaviouristic Instruments
Behaviouristic Instruments transform people; physical, mental and emotional, into instruments that can be played by another individual, be it lover, mother or stranger.

We dream of an orchestra of people, each instrument paired with a musician who has carefully learnt to play them. We wonder which people will make the best instruments. Who will emerge as a shrill piccolo, a smooth bassoon, a crude drum, or a wailing cat? Who will make the best players? Will it be the manipulative or the most empathetic amongst us? What is the best technique to play a person? Tenderness, torture or titillation?
We Play Bodies is a series of objects, an instruction manual and a performance.
A collaboration between Steffen Fiedler, Charlotte Jarvis and Ludwig Zeller

We Play Bodies

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