Raphael Kim

Raphael Kim is a Korean-born, British Biohacker-Designer living in London. A genetic copy of a twin called Michael, Raphael was conceived a few decades before meat cloning became fashionable. He holds Bsc (2.1) degree in Biotechnology from University College London (UCL), and an MA in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art from which he graduated in July 2012. Raphael has several years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including a year in full-time molecular research. His interests lie in exploring societal implications of Synthetic Biology - especially those involving micro-organisms - narrated through a combination of hands-on scientific processes and design outcomes. Raphael believes that Synthetic Biology can be used to tell a great story; Not necessarily about saving people's lives and saving the planet. Nor about making people extremely rich. Perhaps it can be something more than ‘life and death’, like Bill Shankly said of football. Could it be used as a synopsis to diagnose our social, political and economical health?


Space Bacteria
Microbial Breathalyzer

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