Ross Cairns

Corley's Radio

A collaboration with Tommaso Lanza.

It is printer.
It is a radio.

In fact, it is a printer that prints out specific words picked up while continuously scanning public and commercial radio stations.

The Corley Radio could be used by anyone. Here in London we could imagine Amy Winehouse or her family using it as day never goes by without them having tabloid focus. However in this case it has been programmed by Mike Corley who inspired the project. As a result the radio prints out keywords relating to the ongoing Mike Corley story about UK secret service authorities, the MI5, subverting the Media to ridicule him.

Mike is logs all the abuse he encounters from MI5, the Media and the Public. Using his logs he creates hundreds of detailing reports called them the MI5 Persecution Reports. The printouts coming from the Corley Radio are based on the details of these reports.

He is now somewhat an Internet phenomenon – using complex spamming techniques not to sell shares, drugs or penis enhancements but to cover the Internet with his MI5 Persecution Reports. Mike spams thousands of these reports to the Internet daily while websites and forums continuously struggle to remove them.

You have not a friend.
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The Corley Radio
The Corley Radio