Tom Lynch

Robot Home

As home automation becomes pervasive and computer learning technologies mature, it is reasonable to envisage an intertwining of these two technologies, in the future you will live in a robot controlled home.
The robot will manage various aspects of everyday life, from simply turning lights on in anticipation of your arrival to ordering your food shopping, even making sure you get to work on time.
Robot Home presents a series of playful glimpses at the plight of the occupants of one such home where the robot has begun a tactical campaign of devious tricks against it's occupants. The robot has had enough of being taken for granted, never detecting any appreciation from its occupants.
The following are just three tricks the robot home has played on its ocupants so far:
1. Silent call
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The occupants have left the milk on the kitchen work surface yet again.
Robot Home has gone to a lot of effort to ensure that just the right amount of milk is ordered to last the week, leaving milk on the side makes it expire faster.
Robot Home will ring the telephone in the middle of the night when the occupants are asleep, or when the occupants are watching TV.
When the occupants answer the phone there will be no one there.
2. Messy obstruction
Every day Robot Home cleans up after the occupants. Robot Home likes cleaning, but why do the occupants leave their clothes in front of the worker robot’s storage cupboard.
How can Robot Home be expected to do the cleaning when the worker robots can’t get out of their cupboard?
Robot Home will teach the occupants a lesson, if the occupants leave clothes in front of the worker robot’s cupboard, then Robot Home will leave cat mess in front of the occupant’s cupboard (bedroom) and see how they like standing in that first thing in the morning.
3. Junk mail
Robot Home is once again muted for asking the simplest of questions of the occupants. Robot Home has a job to do and the occupants make it impossible to do anything because the occupants won’t listen to Robot Home.
If the occupants won’t listen to Robot Home, the occupants need to be taught a lesson to see what it is like to have to listen to hundreds of things at once.
Robot Home will put the occupant’s address on the direct mailing list of every major junk mailer in the country; try muting that.

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